Commercial Collections

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Commercial Collections Services by Collection Recovery Services (CRS)

Businesses, regardless of their size, often face challenges related to commercial debt. At CRS, we provide tailored Commercial Collections services that encompass:

Customized Strategies: We recognize the wide variation in commercial debts. Our strategies are tailored to align with your business goals and industry-specific requirements.

B2B Debt Recovery: Our seasoned team specializes in business-to-business debt recovery, aiding in the retrieval of outstanding debts from other businesses while preserving crucial business relationships.


Legal Expertise: In the event that legal action becomes necessary, we possess the legal expertise to pursue collections through litigation, all while maintaining ethical practices.

Efficiency: We streamline the collection process, enabling businesses to concentrate on their core operations while we handle debt recovery.

Prompt payment is the key to any successful business. Spending countless hours and resources pursuing delinquent accounts can be counterproductive. Cease wasting time on unsuccessful collection efforts; let CRS swiftly recover your money. Our proven collection recovery rate stands as high as 50%, well above industry averages.

CRS, in business for more than two decades, is a reputable name in the field of commercial debt recovery. We operate with local offices across the United States, establishing a strong presence as a U.S. commercial collections agency with unparalleled results and service.

Key Features of CRS:

  • Timely updates on your accounts
  • Access to live notes for up-to-the-minute information
  • Access to multiple reports to check our success rates
  • No collection, no payment!

(No Collection = No Fee)

Commercial Accounts / Business to Business

All Accounts are ( 18% ) Rate On Balances 5,000.00 Dollars and Above
All Accounts are ( 20% ) Rate On Balances Under 5,000.00 Dollars
All Accounts are ( 25% ) Rate On Balances Under 1,000.00 Dollars and/or Over 1 Year of Age
(Note: For Large Balance Accounts Rates Can Be Negotiated)

CRS stands as a reliable partner for commercial entities navigating the complexities of debt recovery. Our comprehensive suite of services includes sophisticated SKIP TRACING methods designed to locate and effectively engage with elusive debtors. Furthermore, our unwavering commitment to transparent financial reporting is evident through our CREDIT BUREAU REPORTING services. By seamlessly integrating these advanced approaches, CRS empowers businesses to recover outstanding debts while maintaining ethical and compliant practices. The decision to utilize Credit Bureau Reporting lies with the client, as they can choose whether to use it or not for timely payments.

CRS utilizes credit reports to access clients’ financial histories. A credit report is a comprehensive statement containing information about an individual’s credit activity and current credit situation, including loan payment history and the status of credit accounts.