Typically, the debt you are inquiring about arises from an outstanding balance following your departure from school/creditors. In cases where financial aid was involved and a withdrawal took place, the institution might have refunded any unused portion to the United States Department of Education, resulting in a balance owed directly to the school/creditors.

Should you choose to contest the debt or the specified amount, or if you seek details about the original creditor, we are prepared to furnish supporting documentation. Kindly email us at [email protected], and upon receiving the necessary information from the institution, we will respond accordingly. Additionally, you can visit to familiarize yourself with your rights under federal law.

If you suspect an error, you can contact your institution. Nevertheless, based on the information received from the school/creditors, there is an outstanding balance. If you possess receipts or proof of payment, please send them to our office at 29 Regency Plaza Glen Mills, PA 19342, or attach them to an email addressed to [email protected], and we will conduct a thorough investigation.

Feel free to reach out to our toll-free number at 800.250.8206 to speak with our agents who can help you set up affordable payment arrangements. Alternatively, you can visit to make a single payment, pay your account in full, establish payment plans, and explore available settlement options. It’s essential to note that a single partial payment does not transition your account into repayment status, and collection calls will persist until a regular payment arrangement is established.

If you want to contact our office through the toll-free number 800.250.8206, you are welcome to do so. However, please be aware that we require permission from the student to discuss the matter with you. Alternatively, if you have the student’s information, including their 9-digit Collection Recovery Services account number, you can make payments on our website at

It is probable that the school/creditors made several attempts to contact you through mail and phone without success. School/creditors prioritize delivering quality education and may face limitations in debt collection efforts. Therefore, they often seek assistance from companies like ours.

It is probable that, following a drop or withdrawal from the institution, the benefits you expected were either disqualified or returned to the U.S. Department of Education. As a result, a balance is now owed directly to the school/creditors.

Upon receiving full payment, we usually notify the credit bureaus by the end of the month in which the final payment was received. This informs them that your account is satisfied, closed in our office, and should be removed from the credit bureau. Typically, the credit bureau complies with our request within 30-45 days, resulting in the removal of the account.

If you are hesitant about providing your bank account information, you can send checks or money orders through the U.S. Postal Service or other delivery services. Visa or Mastercard payments are also accepted. However, be assured that Collection Recovery Services adheres to the highest level of data security for ACH, Debit Card, and Credit Card payments. Opting for automated ACH or direct debit from your bank account is the most convenient, secure, and cost-effective payment method, eliminating the risk of missing payments or incurring high-interest rates associated with some credit cards.

While it is an option to contact or make payments directly to the school/creditors, considering that the account is under our management, they may redirect you to us. To ensure ease and convenience, it is recommended to allow our firm to handle and process your payment. This ensures prompt reflection of the payment on your active collection account and the credit bureau.

To gain a better understanding of your rights as a consumer under federal law, visit

This is a communication for the purpose of debt collection, and any information gathered will be utilized for that specific objective.