Our comprehensive range of services includes:


Educational Collection Services

Tailored solutions for educational institutions to recover outstanding debts efficiently. We understand the unique challenges faced by educational entities and have the expertise to navigate them successfully.


Medical Collection Services

Specialized recovery services for healthcare providers and medical institutions. Our approach is sensitive to the healthcare environment, ensuring a respectful and efficient debt recovery process.


Financial/Credit Union Collection

Expertise in reuniting individuals with their financial obligations. We understand the complexities of financial reunions and have the knowledge to guide both parties toward a fair resolution.


Commercial Collections

Solutions designed to meet the unique challenges faced by businesses. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, we have the experience and resources to assist you in recovering outstanding debts.



In addition to educational institutions, healthcare organizations, small businesses, and financial institutions, CRS also partners with law firms, and retail organizations and various other industries. if you don’t see your industry listed, please free to schedule a free 15-minute call for assistance.