Credit Union and Financial Institutions

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Choosing a Collection Recovery Service (CRS) is a pivotal decision for financial institutions and credit unions seeking top-tier accounts receivable management. At CRS, our cutting-edge recovery solutions simplify and enhance the debt recovery process, ensuring effectiveness.

Our approach involves a strategic blend of analytics-based technologies and personalized collection services to optimize debt collection outcomes, ultimately boosting your return on investment. Begin the crucial evaluation of your collection portfolio with us.

What We Provide

Third Party Collections At CRS, our distinctive fusion of analytics-driven technologies and tailored collection services is designed to elevate your debt collection performance, delivering:

  • Enhanced recovery rates and optimized outcomes
  • Strict adherence to compliance standards, prioritizing data integrity
  • Empowering members to regain control of their financial standing
  • Exceptional customer service

What We Offer

First Party Service Recognizing the pivotal role customer satisfaction plays in organizational success, CRS has crafted programs to streamline internal collection efforts pre default/charge-off. Our cost-effective, secure call center and customer services can be customized to suit your industry’s unique needs, providing:

  • Maximization of revenue streams
  • Optimization of operational efficiencies
  • Reduction of overhead costs
  • Tailored solutions aligning with your requirements
  • Increased contacts and delinquency reductions
  • Elevated customer satisfaction

Reuniting individuals with their financial obligations is a delicate process that requires finesse and expertise. CRS offers Financial/Credit union Collections services, focusing on:

Negotiation and Resolution: We employ negotiation strategies that encourage debtors to come forward and address their obligations. Our goal is to find mutually beneficial resolutions.

Credit Rehabilitation: Our services include assisting debtors in improving their credit profiles, allowing them to regain financial stability.


Legal Compliance: We strictly adhere to all debt collection laws and regulations, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), to ensure ethical practices.

Preservation of Relationships: We prioritize preserving relationships between debtors and creditors, recognizing that many individuals face financial hardships beyond their control.